5 Things I’ve Noticed About the Happiest People in My Life

Take a moment and think to yourself the answer to this question:

Who are the happiest people I know?

Your mom? Your dad? Grandparents? Friends? Mentors? Acquaintances?

And next, answer this:

Why are they so happy?

Today, I was thinking about happiness and how it’s created. I began thinking about some of the most deeply joyful people in my life, and came up with this short list.

5 Things I’ve Noticed About the Happiest People in My Life:

They love loving on others. Some of the most joy-filled people I know (Natalie, this one is for you!) are chronic givers. They jump on a chance to make someone’s day, spoil people without reason, and THRIVE in any Secret Santa-esque environment. What does this mean, exactly? Not that being happy means you’re going to automatically share this happiness with others, but quite the opposite – sharing and caring are the best ways to create your own happiness. Find these people and hold them close, because they are true gems!

They smile when it hurts. We’ve all heard the lyrics: “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days” (thanks, Miley). But what makes the biggest difference in happiness is how we choose to respond to hardships. When I think about those down-to-the-bones happy people in my life, I know they’re the ones who can find the joy in any situation. Did their car break down? They’ll turn it into a funny story. Did a close friend or relative pass away? They’ll grieve, but also make a point to cherish their fond memories. Did they make a mistake? They’ll learn from it, instead of letting it hold them back. These people have one thing in common – they find the good in every situation, and they do it consciously! Mom, my dearest Konstance, Konifer Tree, Kondoleeza Rice, this one is fully dedicated to you and your “classic Hallmark quips!”

They’re down for an adventure. This one is inspired by my cousin, Ryan, and his wonderful wife Karen – two of the most joyful people I’ve had the good pleasure of encountering (and being related to, to boot!). The best thing about Ry & Kar? They’re always open to trying something new. Over Thanksgiving break, we had a day to ourselves at the hotel. What did they do? Googled a nearby mountain and went hiking, of course! Was it planned? No. Was it fun? Yes. Did I go? No. Do I regret not going? Yes. Is this too many questions? Probably. What I’m trying to say is, they turned a boring hotel-day into an adventure. Instead of sitting on their laptops (*ahem* oops, that’s what I did), they got out into the wilderness and enjoyed some fresh-pressed oxygen. Next time, you’d better BET I’m going to be out on that mountain with them!

They have good habits. A few examples? Waking up and drinking a warm mug of lemon water with honey. Staying active. Baking healthy treats and eating them without shame. Does this sound like anyone you know? Better yet, does it sound like you? This one goes out to the dearest, wonderfulest Maggie Gremminger. She inspires me daily to do little things that my future-self will thank me for. And let me tell you, she is one of the most joy-filled humans you could ever have the immense magnificence of knowing. Try incorporating a couple little “happy habits” into your day and see how they make you feel!

They notice (and appreciate) the little things. Happy people are always looking for reasons to be happy. If they weren’t, well… where would their happiness come from? This one is fully devoted to my hubby, Colson. He’s always pointing out the little joys in our life, reminding me daily how blessed we are to simply have a roof over our heads. Today, try making a list of 5 things you might normally take for granted. My list would look something like this:

A warm shower

Yummy food, and a fridge to keep it fresh

A puppy who is 98% potty-trained

My job, which allows me to wear yoga pants daily

People like these listed above ^^^ who make life sweet

What can you do to make yourself a little more like these joy-filled people? And more importantly, what can you do to show these people (and everyone in your life) how much you care about them? I’d love to hear your thoughts and discussions in the comments below.

Don’t forget, folks – life is short.

Make yours a happy one. 🙂



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