5 Ways to be More Like a Child

Sometimes, kids just know what’s what. Not usually in terms of what-to-eat and what-not-to-eat, though.

Lately, because we are hilarious (and because we watch too much New Girl), my husband and I have begun calling children “youths.”

We hear kids playing in the snow outside:

“Damn youths, always frolicking around.”

We see some teens walking down the street:

“Look at those youths with their saggy pants and their Abercrombie shirts.”

We hear a baby cry in public:

[Exasperated] “YOUTHS.”

But for as much flack as we give them, youths are actually pretty cool. In particular, super-youthy-youths… a.k.a. children.

Since I spend roughly 40 hours of my week with one of these aforementioned youths (I’m a nanny), I’ve been pondering the many ways in which kids have it right (and no, I’m not talking about wearing diapers, although that would be super convenient). Let’s delve, shall we?

5 Ways to be More Like a Child

Laugh at stupid stuff. I mean, what’s the point of life if you can’t bust out laughing every time someone makes a farting noise with their mouth? Exactly. There isn’t one.

Try new things. Kids are constantly trying new things – partly because they’re trying to figure out how the world works, and partly because there’s still so much to be discovered! Maybe skip the eating dirt part though… okay?

Stick to a daily routine. Kiddos, simply by virtue of having parents, have bedtimes, mealtimes, snack times, and nap times. Their parents (or super wonderful nannies) tell them when their “computer time” is up – one hour, no more! Think of how productive and regulated we non-youths might be if we stuck to a schedule, too! Try it for a week – see what you think.

Smile at people. Taking Nanny-Baby to the store is one of my favorite things to do. Why? Because she’s an instant icebreaker! She waves at everyone that walks by, regaling these unsuspecting shoppers with her childlike wonder. You don’t have to be a 16 month-old to be an icebreaker, though – just shoot some smiles out here and there. You’ll make someone’s day, I promise.

Be fascinated by things. You know when a baby is playing with a toy, and they don’t quite understand it, but suddenly they bump the button accidentally and it beeps and makes music and *woah,* it blows their mind? More things in life should be like this for adults. For instance, when was the last time you actually thought about weather? Like, no big deal, but sometimes, water falls from the sky. And sometimes, when it’s cold enough, the cold magically freezes the water into perfectly amazing little pattern-shapes. No big deal, right? YES BIG DEAL. SO COOL. I AM UTTERLY FASCINATED.

Not that we should all regress to babyhood or anything (because trust me, nobody wants to wipe your booty and feed you pureed pears), but honestly, sometimes, kids just get it.

How else can we be more like kids? Share in the comments below – I’ll randomly choose one person to pick the topic of my next post! (Just be nice, okay?)

Happy Monday. 🙂


Author: Kelsie

Hey! I'm Kelsie. I'm into practical family wellness, healthy meals, fitness, art of all kinds, radical self-love, and limit-busting beliefs. I'm a mom, wife, writer, over-thinker, singer, dancer, and actress. I believe in embracing the present moment, practicing gratitude during life's peaks and valleys, and, most importantly, that loving yourself and those around you can absolutely change the world. Join me as I ruminate about life, love, and the pursuit of hella easy crock pot recipes!

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