A Second First Date

Today, I had Colson ask me 10 questions he would ask me if we were on our first date.

A photo of me and Le Hubs, which is delightfully true-to-form!
A photo of me and Le Hubs, in case you have forgotten that we do, indeed, have faces.

It was a fun little experience – kind-of like re-getting-to-know each other. If you’re in a relationship or engaged or married (or even casually dating), try doing this!

Colson and I used to go back and forth asking each other random questions (everything from “What’s your biggest dream?” to “Who would you rather date – Bill Murray or Bob Saget?”), and honestly, this (plus a bottle of wine) made for some of the best dates we ever had.

Sometimes we would google things like “questions to ask before getting married,” or “questions to ask before having kids.” True to form, the internet would come up with hundreds of results. One of my favorite memories is sitting on Colson’s dorm room floor, eating leftover cheesecake, answering these questions one by one and talking about why our answers were the same or different. Sure, many of our answers were the same (especially for the “Big Things”), but we found beauty in our differences, too.

Isn’t it a lovely thing to show someone your heart, piece by piece?

Anyway, I digress: Here we go!

2-minute timeline of your life up until now. GO!

Ah! Stressful! Well, I was born in Albuquerque, I grew up with my two older brothers, I moved to Kansas City, I went to school and did lots of theatre and dancing, I went to the University of Kansas, I transferred to Columbia College Chicago, I moved back to Kansas, I started online school, I met you, I fell in love, we got engaged and married, and then we made a baby, and here we are!

If you could do anything in the world, money aside, what would it be?

Probably DIY things. Like, just make stuff all the time. I would refurbish furniture and make cards and scrapbook and decorate houses. Or maybe play with puppies nonstop.

What’s your favorite food?

Currently (which I don’t feel like counts because I’m 35 weeks pregnant), anything salty and crunchy. Puffy Cheetos! Ooh, Chex Mix. Now I’m craving Chex Mix. Go buy me some Chex Mix.

What music genre best describes you?

Probably indie-folk. Just think anything along the lines of The Tallest Man On Earth (especially “The Gardener”). I don’t know why, but… that’s my answer!

Where do you want to travel to most?

THAILAND! Everyone in my entire family has been there but me. My parents lived there for a couple years, my brothers have visited, you studied abroad there… It’s my turn!!!

What is your family like?

Awesome. Quirky. Adorable. My parents are the cutest people in the entire world. My mom is the sweetest, and she’s always doing things to care for other people. My dad is incredibly selfless and hardworking, but also sensitive in the best way possible. My brothers are incredible and 100% cooler than I’ll ever be. They’re musicians and PAINFULLY talented (totally not jealous or anything). I’d love to be in a band with them someday. I also wish they would just move to whatever city I’m in, so that I could hang out with them on the regs, because I just think they’re really funny and insightful and awesome.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

With a 10-year-old child and celebrating our 11-year anniversary! That’s where I’d love to be. Physically, who knows where we’ll be? But I’d love to be an entrepreneur and possibly running my own business by that point.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

One time, during a tech rehearsal for Spring Awakening (the painfully slow walk-through kind), I really had to pee. So I waited until we were done with one of my scenes (er… I thought we were done…), and I ran to the bathroom. Turns out we were running that scene again, and not only did I miss it… my mic was turned on and everyone heard me pee. Good thing I flushed and washed my hands!

What’s your biggest fear?

Living an ordinary life. You know, coming to the end and thinking, “I could have done something really cool and awesome.” I just want to make a difference in some way – even if it’s not huge.

How is this date going so far?

Um, super duper well. Will you marry me and be the father of my children? Oh, wait…

And that’s all, folks!

What questions would you want to ask on a first date?

What do you think are the “important things” to know about someone?

I’d love to hear in the comments. 🙂

Have a wonderful week!


7 thoughts on “A Second First Date

    1. OH and my answer would currently be the Hunger Games series. I could not put them down! I like how they made me think about society and what I might do in those situations.


  1. Asking and answering questions is an awesome way to get to know, learn, and keep on learning about someone. As time goes on you will change and with the continued questions you will always be learning. Good for you to have the smarts to do this. Keep on doing this. Never stop! All the best, Koko.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, Koko! I think at some point along the line we’re discouraged from asking questions – but that’s the best way to learn, I completely agree. 🙂 There’s always more to learn about someone, especially since we’re always changing!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I know this is super creepy to admit, but I just had to read this post. I was looking at the adorable pictures of you and your husband on Instagram (curious when the baby’s due) and I HAD to read this entry. I did the same thing three or four months into my relationship (2.5 years now). It’s so neat to see how two people connect in different ways. Your answers tickled me pink. I can’t wait for your little girl to arrive and your family to grow. Best of luck, sorry for being supes creepy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tori!! Haha, don’t even worry about being creepy. I think everyone social media stalks sometimes. 😉 You’re right though – it’s awesome to see how the people we love respond to questions we might never otherwise hear the answers to, if that makes sense. Sometimes I just start asking him random “would you rather” questions to see how his brain works (because, you know, sometimes males are a HUGE mystery). Hope you’re doing well and be on the lookout for lots of baby pics! Thanks girl. 🙂


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