5 Ways to Celebrate TODAY!

According to my Erin Condren planner (no, I’m not obsessed or anything), today is the International Day of Happiness

– AND –

the First Day of Spring

– AND –




I think not!

How am I going to celebrate?!

How can I possibly give happiness and springtime and Fridays the recognition they deserve?!

And on the SAME DAY?!

Let’s see…

5 Ways to Celebrate TODAY!

Bake something, then eat it.

Make a cake, or a pie, or some muffins. Wear a cute little apron, while you’re at it. Dance around the kitchen and listen to your favorite Spotify playlist. Invite a friend. Invite ten friends. Invite all the woodland creatures in your immediate area.

Make something for someone.

Remember those cakes/pies/muffins we were discussing earlier? Make an extra batch and take them to your grandma. Or your cousin. Or your friendly neighborhood 38-week-pregnant Kelsie, who (as luck would have it!) LOVES baked goods and treats and friendship.

Go for a walk.

I don’t care if it’s 35 degrees or 100 – it’s the FIRST DAY OF SPRING, DAMMIT! And that means I’m going to go for a walk, even if it’s to and from the QuikTrip that lies 15 yards from my front door. Twix bar that I’ve literally been dreaming about for two days, HERE I COME!

Pet some puppies.

Go to a pet shelter, or a pet store, or your creepy neighbor’s backyard. Pet some puppies. Don’t let them bite you, because spending your day in the hospital getting anti-rabies vaccinations doesn’t count as celebrating, in my book (unless there are balloons, which there might be, so… maybe?).

Spring clean!

Maybe I’m a freak (yes), or maybe I’m just “nesting” (yes yes yes), but cleaning and organizing feels GOOD. I don’t care what you think – transforming a stinky dirty messy bathroom into a sparkly pretty organized bathroom is TRANSFORMATIVE TO THE SOUL. If you disagree, just repeat after me: “Heal me, O Clorox Wipes of yore. Show me thine many powers!”

How are you going to celebrate this Friday/International Day of Happiness/First Day of Spring?

I’d love to hear!


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