Maybe I’m a Bad Person … Or Maybe I’m Human.

Thoughts about Thankfulness.

Because it’s Tuesday, and because I have precisely ten minutes before I need to wake Jolie up, feed her, and leave to teach my yoga class, I’ve decided to start something new:

Ten-Minute Tuesdays. Or #TenMinuteTuesday for those of you who secretly like hashtags as much as I do.

In other words, I’m going to type for ten minutes, and post whatever comes out of my brain.

Today, I’ve been thinking about thankfulness.

Thankfulness doesn’t come naturally to me.

I’ll tell you what does come naturally:




Right now I’m reading a great book, called Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, written by Sara Hagerty.

She expresses a lot of anger and confusion about the things her life contains, but somehow, she manages to squeeze thankfulness into every thought, too.

Is it possible to be simultaneously angry and thankful?

Confused and thankful?

Bitter and thankful?

It must be possible, but I think the “thankful” part has to be practiced – the rest of it comes naturally.

“Thankful” is a verb.

“I’m so thankful,” we say.

But what good is expressing our thanks? It’s just a word – just a phrase. It doesn’t do any good.

I think we need to take the next step, and act on our thankfulness.

“Thankful” should be a verb, not an adjective.

We need to start living our thankfulness.

We need to give back to the God who gives to us so readily, so steadily.

So, how can we live our thankfulness?

This is where this 10-minute post ends, partly because I don’t have time to finish, but mostly because I truly don’t know the answer.

Tell me: How can we live our thankfulness? How can we become truly thankful, not just in words, but in actions? How can we show God how thankful we are?

Thanks for sticking with me for this first-ever #TenMinuteTuesday.

If you’re a blogger, join me – write something – anything! – for ten minutes today, using the hashtag #TenMinuteTuesday.


Author: Kelsie

Hey! I'm Kelsie. I'm into practical family wellness, healthy meals, fitness, art of all kinds, radical self-love, and limit-busting beliefs. I'm a mom, wife, writer, over-thinker, singer, dancer, and actress. I believe in embracing the present moment, practicing gratitude during life's peaks and valleys, and, most importantly, that loving yourself and those around you can absolutely change the world. Join me as I ruminate about life, love, and the pursuit of hella easy crock pot recipes!

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