5 Things I’ve Noticed About the Happiest People in My Life

Have you ever wondered why some people are just so… happy?

Take a moment and think to yourself the answer to this question:

Who are the happiest people I know?

Your mom? Your dad? Grandparents? Friends? Mentors? Acquaintances?

And next, answer this:

Why are they so happy?

Today, I was thinking about happiness and how it’s created. I began thinking about some of the most deeply joyful people in my life, and came up with this short list.

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How to Cope (and Thrive) When Big Change is on the Way

Five great ways to handle endings… and new beginnings!

Based on my handy-dandy planner (thanks, hubby!), I have just calculated that I only have TEN weeks of nannying left.

TEN WEEKS?! That’s nothing! That’s the gestation period of an ant! Okay, I don’t know that for a fact, but bear with me.

Tomorrow is also the kickoff of my final ten weeks of my undergraduate degree – I’m set to graduate on March 17th. WOAH. Woah woah woah. Where’s the pause button? What happened to grade school where every day felt like 14 years? How can I possibly be this close to the end of my college job and education?

Tons of my friends are in the same boat, either starting their last semester of school or moving on to new things (student teaching, studying abroad, etc.).

So, here’s my question: How can we all enjoy our last weeks when we’re simultaneously rearing to “be done,” but also┬ánostalgically emotional and terrified about things ending? (And let me be clear here: as a 27-week-pregnant human being, I am having ALL of these feels, plus about eight thousand more, all piled onto the heartburn of a 90-year-old man).

Let me share a few things I plan on doing during my last 10 weeks of work and school:

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2014 Year In Review!

Here’s a summary of 2014 to kick off the new blog!

Woah! Wha? How-

I blinked, and now it’s 2015.

How does this happen every single year?

Ah, yes – time. That fickle broad! She just keeps moving forward, doesn’t she?

I thought I’d baptize my new blog with a 2014 Year In Review, as told in pictures. It was a big year! Let’s dive in!

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