Baby Shower Fun!

Because who doesn’t like babies? And showers? And presents? Oh, yeah. Voldemort. And probably Hitler.

You guys!

On Sunday I was showered with love and support and wonderful wishes, and it was really awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I had to make up a new word: stellar-credible. It was a stellar-credible time. You know, like stellar + incredible.

First of all, a huge resounding round of applause to everyone who made the baby shower happen:

Thanks to Aunt Linda for hosting and providing food and refreshments!

Thanks to Aleksandra for planning and executing all the awesome activities!

Thanks to my amazing mom-and-sisters-in-law for providing some awesome decorations!

And thanks to everyone else who did anything at all Рyou are wonderful and amazing and stellar-credible beyond belief.

And now, with no further ado… pictures!

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