What’s up, buttercup?

Hey. Hi. Hello. Namaste.

I’m Kelsie – a blog-from-home mom living in the grand old midwest with my insane toddler and equally insane husband.

Let’s get real here (because I’m not a big fan of small talk – let’s get to the MEAT of it, shall we?! Let’s get drunk and become best friends in the ladies’ bathroom! NO GIRL, YOU ARE THE PRETTIEST! HE DOENS’T DESERVE YOU! YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND!): This blog isn’t for you.

No, really. It’s not.

This blog is for me.

Every word you find on this blog is something I’ve experienced personally.

Every piece of advice I give is essentially me talking to myself.

Every curse word and prayer and recipe on my slice of the internet is PERSONAL.

Lemme tell you what you won’t find here:

You’re not going to find pictures of me, cozied up on a white chaise lounge wearing a large cable-knit sweater, clutching a cup of coffee while staring out the window and smiling at nothing.

You’re not going to find complicated recipes using words like “heirloom” and “paté” and “firm peaks” that make you want to kill yourself with a spatula.

You’re not going to find sickly sweet, airbrushed blog posts that leave you looking around your life thinking, “Dear God, I have GOT to get my sh*t together!”

It’s just not my jam.

Trust me, I’ve tried.

Perfection is just… boring. Been there, done that, over it.

Here’s what you CAN find here:

Honesty. The occasional rant. Encouragement. Prayers. Mantras. Painful truths. Inspiration. Simple, no-frill recipes. Humor. Humor covering up tears. Humor from too much coffee. Humor from looking at too many memes online. Deep thoughts. Shallow thoughts. Medium-depth thoughts. Thoughts about motherhood. Thoughts about marriage. Thoughts about self-loathing and perfection and outlet malls. Ways to make your life better. Ways to challenge yourself. Ways to help you face the world with honesty and joy and sadness and pain and wonder. Healthy living tips (but no, I’m never going to tell you to “eat less peanut butter.” NEVER).

This is a place for real people, living real lives.

This is a place for people who sometimes suck, and sometimes rock, and sometimes hate everything and sometimes love everything.

This is NOT a place for perfection.

This is a place for honesty.

And I’m here to remind you that you’re not alone, dear reader.

So buckle up, buttercup (and take a couple shots of vodka if you need to).

Let’s dig in, shall we?



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